I was trying out Sims 2 UC on a different computer, and I’ve just now realised that it’s possible to ERASE TERRAIN PAINTS.


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Now anyone can get the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection without having to harass some EA employee. You can find instructions here. The code is only redeemable until July 31st, so grab it while you can!

here y’all go!

Yay! Downloading. I have no idea if it’ll work but it’s free so it’s worth a shot. :D

I don’t ever reblog anything but AAAAAHHHHHHHH! I lost my base code but now they’re GIVING IT AWAY THIS IS AMAZING


I haven’t posted much over the past year, my computer has been really slow and it’s been too much hassle to post regularly.
But now it’s ACTUALLY BROKE so I can’t post anything for the foreseeable future. So yeah, I will be back! Once everything’s sorted out, but I don’t know when that’ll be.
So bye for now!

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The Jiang Legacy - Spare Update: Pey’j and Nino #1

Read here!

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I’ve just noticed that the teen mesh for Skysims 188 clips through the head quite a bit, on the back and on the top (which I don’t have pictured). I’ve reuploaded my retexture with teen disabled, so if you’ve already downloaded it I suggest redownloading it, unless you don’t care if it clips through your sims head!

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Also if anyone knows of a fix for the mesh please let me know! :)

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Skysims Hairs 175, 188, 190 and 193 in Remi’s Colours and Textures.

Download here!

The Jiang Legacy - Spare Update: Yoa and Jade #1

Read here!

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Jiang Legacy Downloads

6 sims from my legacy over on LiveJournal, let me know if I’ve messed up any of the links!

All files are available with or without custom content.

Download here!

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I miss playing the Sims 3, mainly because I miss taking pretty neighbourhood pics <3

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